How to Read Ketone Strips To Check Ketosis

how to read ketone strips

If you are wondering how to read ketone strips to check ketosis, you are in the right place. This article will be providing a guide for you to follow.

If you are wondering how to read ketone strips to check ketosis, you are in the right place. This article will be providing a guide for you to follow. But first, let’s give a brief description of a ketone strips.

For those that don’t know what a ketone strip is, this is how to identify it. A ketone strip is a plastic strip that has a reactive area at one side to indicate if there are ketones in the urine. These strips can also be called ketone test strips or keto strips. You don’t have to go through stress before reading this strip as it can be compared with its color chart. The rest results can be interpreted easily because the colors are different from one another.

Regular intake of food that contains fewer carbohydrates increases ketone in the blood and urine. When you are also on a keto diet plan, the body makes use of fat as the major source of energy thereby producing ketone. It is generally known that you get glucose as a result of consuming sugar and carbohydrates. And the body uses this glucose as the source of energy. Ketones are produced for energy and the keto diet is an effective way to burn body fat.

To determine if you are in the ketogenesis stage, a ketone urine strip will provide the needed answer.

A Brief Description of How Ketone Strips Work

These strips have been designed with reactive agents at their end. After reacting with urine, its color changes based on the concentration of ketones in the urine. Note that the more keto diet you consume, the more ketones your body produces. With the use of the ketone strip, you can monitor the way your body burns fat. A ketone color chart is provided on the container of your strip and your results can be compared with it.

Strips Color Chart

The color chart of your ketone strip is printed on its container. There are usually 7 different colors and you can read it as the color becomes darker.

After testing for ketones in your urine or blood, if the color remains the same or it’s on highest color, this implies that your body is using glucose or carbohydrates as the only source of energy. However, if the color is the second highest, then ketones are just being produced in your body. If it is the darkest color, this means your body has begun full ketogenesis, meaning that ketones are now the main source of energy, nor glucose.

A Simple Guide On How To Read Ketone Strips

We would be providing an easy way to read ketone Strips. Pay attention to the guidelines that will be listed below.

To achieve ketosis easier and faster, know the keto or Atkins diet and follow it religiously. This is the first step to get results.

  • Get a cup and urinate into it.
  • Dip the strip in the cup you’ve urinated into for about 60 seconds or follow the instructions provided on the product pack.
  • Observe the strip for a few minutes to allow the reagent and color to develop. You can then see the strip results after a short period.
  • Check the color on the strip and compare it with the color chart on the container. Look at the colors with rapt attention so that you can match it with the closest color to get accurate results. This will enable you to determine the levels of ketones in your urine.
  • Throw the strip away in the appropriate place

How To read Ketone Strips and Get Accurate Results

According to research, it is best to use the first urine of the day or the one after dinner for the test. It would be easy to detect the highest levels of ketones in the urine at these times of the day. If it were in the afternoon, the reading on the strip might not produce an accurate result.

how to read a ketone strip for accurate results

Follow these simple guidelines to get the best results;

  • Keep the strip away from direct sunlight and water
  • Try different methods while using the strip. You can dip the strip inside the cup you urinated in or pee on the strip.
  • After taking out your strip, replace the cap perfectly
  • Use different brands of strips
  • Keep your fingers away from the testing area
  • Remember to check the expiry date of the strip
  • Don’t remove the desiccant or drying reagent

Are Ketone Strips Accurate?

Two factors are a major determinant of how effective the ketone strip is. The first factor is the time of the day you urinated and the strip itself. It is important to know that the level of ketone changes depending on the time of the day. To determine the levels of ketone in your body, blood and breath tests are preferable to the use of urine strips. In the aspect of the urine strip, there might be errors that can alter your results but very unlikely in terms of blood and breath strips.

This is How To Read Ketone Strips For Diabetic Patients

Inside the strip box, there is another glucose color chart. For patients suffering from diabetes, diabetic ketoacidosis is the name of this condition. Their body cannot produce insulin which results in the inability to burn glucose. So instead of glucose for energy, the body begins to use fat as the major source of energy. As a result of this condition, the ketone level and glucose level increases together.

Instead of the usual ketone urine strip, a ketone urine strip with glucose and ketone can be used in detecting this condition.

When you check the container of the strip, you’ll see the color charts for checking the sugar level and another for ketone level. You need to take note of one thing. If the sugar and ketone levels are both high, you need to pay a visit to your doctor without wasting time. That’s an unpleasant sign.

Can Keto Diet Result in Diabetic Ketoacidosis?

Patients with Type 1 diabetes are prone to have diabetic ketoacidosis compared with others. Their body cannot produce insulin and this means it can’t burn glucose for energy. In the place of glucose, their body uses fat deposits for energy thereby resulting in the production of ketones.

To determine if you have ketoacidosis, learn how to read and compare the colors on the ketone strips. High ketone levels and high glucose levels are a clear sign. Everything being equal, the keto diet should make your ketone levels high and glucose levels low.

This implies that if your body produces insulin, you would likely not suffer from ketoacidosis.

What Other Ways Can Be Used To Read Ketones?

Apart from the use of ketones strip, there are other ways to read ketones in your body. With the use of an electronic gadget, you can get an accurate result quickly and easily. Your results will be shown in the instrument if you follow the right process.

In order to learn how to read and use ketone urine strips, you can purchase it from online stores.

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