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Water Fasting Diet Plan for Weight Loss

water fasting for weight loss

Water fasting diet plan for weight loss is becoming popular among the masses. Many people are getting the results in a short span of time.

Let us discuss the water fasting diet plan, its pros and cons and the benefits. Remember, like other diet plans this diet plan cannot be done by everyone. Certain people should never do it.

What is water fasting diet plan?

Let us explain water fasting diet plan for weight loss in simple terms. When you only drink water during any fasting period, it becomes water fasting. And when you do it in a planned way to lose weight then it can be called as water fasting diet plan for weight loss.

What are the benefits?

Water fasting comes with lots of benefits apart from losing weight. Water, as you know , makes more than 70% of our body. And so fasting just on water will cause more benefits than harm.

First, important benefit is that the body gets to improve the cell structure of your organs, skin and other parts. This happens because of Autophagy.

Autophagy is a process where the body gets rid of damaged cells and replace it with new cells. This happens soon after you go through 8-10 hours of water fasting.

So, now you can corelate why your skin glows on a waster fasting diet plan. And autophagy also leads to many other benefits.

Lowering blood pressure

It has been found by some that waster fasting lowers blood pressure. Hypertension is a modern lifestyle disease and the pharma market related to this problem is growing in billions every year. Little did we know that fasting can lower it.

Although, the Sadhus of India used this technique for thousands of years. The dhyana or meditation requires slow heart beat along with concentration. A fasting based on just water helps them to control their heart beat, blood pressure and calmness of mind.

Fat soluble vitamins are stored along with the body fat. This is a common process. These vitamins are released in the body, when body starts burning fat for energy.

Ketosis is the process where body burns fat to generate ketones. Ketones is a much cleaner energy source for the body as compared to glucose.

What are the side effects of water fasting?

Fasting for a certain period of the day has no side effects. But, prolonged fasting on water can lead to serious issues. Some major problems that you might face are muscle loss, hair loss, and problem in digestion soon after ending the fast.

Now, these problems do not happen because of water. They are usually associated with fasting. While fasting for long, your body gets deprived of essential nutrients, proteins, minerals, etc. And this reflects on all parts of your body.

When not to do?

Before you start you should ensure that you are not a diabetic on medicines or insulin. Because this can lead to serious consequences.

If you have kidney problems or any other problem where the fluid is important along with nutrients then you should never do water fasting.

If you have any other ailment where you should not fast then you should avoid water fasting.

If you are any type of medication you should consult a doctor.

For weight loss in diabetics the best option will be intermittent fasting.

How to start water fasting?

If you do not come under the above mentioned category of who should not do water fasting, then you can start with it anytime anywhere.

Some people do water fasting for 20-30 days at a stretch. Some do it alternate day and some keep it safe and do it only for limited hours in a day.

Start waster fasting step by step?

First thing first. The target.

It is important to set a target to lose a certain amount of weight in a certain and specific period.

For example when I started with water fasting few years back, to lose weight, I already had a plan. I planned to lose 3-4 kgs in a month. So I had two things clear – 4kgs and 30 days.

Weight loss requires strict control on food. A proper management is essential. Water fasting gives you the liberty from that.

So if you are setting a goal of losing 4kgs in 30 days and still want to eat whatever you eat now then the best option is to do water fasting for 16 hours in a day for next 30 days.

There are many factors like metabolism, present weight, lifestyle etc that will eventually decide how much actual weight you lose at the end of the month. But, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed at the end.

The best thing is that you can start with just 6 hours of fasting on the first day. And, then, gradually increasing it one hour extra per to to 16 hours per day on the 15th day. Further, you can add more hours to your fasting each day. And this will eventually get you real results.

If you do water fasting for full one day, you can lose up to 1 kg a day. But, I will never recommend it in the beginning as your body may not necessarily bear the shock. And further you should stop doing it once you are near the targeted weight. Because, even after stopping water fasting your body will require time to recover.

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