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Why do you need a Coach to lose weight?

Here are some good reasons:

  • Accountability – if your not accountable for your actions then you will always slip up and cheat
  • Advice – as a health coach we have the experience and knowledge to help you with your weight loss journey
  • Nutrition – we analyse what you eat and introduce improvements
  • Exercise – we assess your exercise regime
  • Psychology – we assess your environment, sleep, stress patterns, family pressures and provide methods to improve these
  • Tips – we know what works and what doesn’t
  • Motivation – we encourage you to keep going when it gets tough
  • Progress tracking – we monitor your progress each week

Your Coach

Taff is an ISSA certified Nutrition Coach with years of experience in Weight Loss, diets and exercise. A former Sportsman who lost 25kg himself in 2017 using his own proven system.

“After moving into an office job when i was 30 and keeping my usual Western diet i slowly started to put on weight. Only 1-2kg per year so hardly noticeable. After 20yrs i was a good 25kg heavier. I was still working out daily in the gym and doing weekend exercises but just couldn’t shift the weight. Then i started researching Nutrition and diets. I put my own system together and spent 12mths losing the weight. I dropped 25kg in that year. I decreased my exercise regime also so i knew it was purely what i was putting in my mouth. You really are what you eat”.

Brisbane to Gold Coast cycle ride
2017 Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle ride
2020. 51yrs old

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