Tension Eating? Here’s How to Stop

Does the current health turmoil get you stress eating? Would you find yourself sneaking off to the kitchen area all day long? You’re not alone! Being trapped at home means you might find yourself searching for snacks (and unhealthy ones) a lot more often. Here’s how to cease:

Manage your stress.

Are you worried about your health? Questioning how to balance your job with your kids’ education? Families all across the country (and the world) are dealing with comparable and equally daunting questions.

The first step is to identify what is making you feel anxious then discover ways to calm your nerves. You might not be able to make the problem go away completely, but you can do things to help you cope with this. When you feel stressed or confused, try going for a quick walk (if you can safely socially distance). The new air can help clear your mind. Or even, try mediation or simple inhaling and exhaling and relaxation techniques.

Find support.

“We’re in this with each other. ”

“You’re not by yourself. ”

You’re probably seeing these messages plastered throughout your TV and computer screen. Yet finding the support you actually need isn’t usually that simple. While you can’t take moves with your neighbor or go to a class right now, you can meet up with individuals virtually.

If you want to keep the weight loss goals on track, Facebook groups best place to start. Whether you’re a new mother trying to lose the baby weight or perhaps you want to follow the Ideal Protein diet plan, there’s probably a group out there to suit your needs! For example , check out our one for great diet info. Online discussion is a good place for support and obtaining new techniques from people not merely in your community but all over.

Write this down.

You have probably heard this one before. However that’s because it really can help!

Whether it’s a meals journal, a note in your phone, or even an app like MyFitnessPal, jot down everything you eat, when you eat, just how much, and for extra credit – the way you felt afterward. After about a week of doing this, you might notice a few trends that can help you pinpoint your own problems. For example , are you doing some additional munching late at night? Try to put in a little extra protein to your supper, take a quick walk around the neighborhood, and obtain to bed early. These things could help you feel more complete, but also get you moving (and distracted).

Drink up (water, that is).

Drinking water has a lot of benefits to your overall physical wellness which can ultimately improve your mental wellness. Now that’s a win-win! Drinking water not only refuels your body, but when you select it over other drinks which have extra calories and sugar, you are able to keep your weight in check. Water furthermore acts as a natural appetite suppressor therefore you’ll feel more full or even won’t be as tempted in order to unnecessarily snack. Water is especially important as we go to the warm summer months.

Indulge, once in a while.

If you always deprive yourself of the things that you love, you’re certain to relapse worse than ever. Allow youself to cheat every once in a while. And if you are able to, cheat the smart way. For example , if you value chocolate, instead of reaching for a sweet milk chocolate bar, try instead a few dark chocolate (60% chocolate or more). You can have your cake and consume it too!

Stay tuned for more tips on how to get through this particular crisis AND maintain your healthy life-style.

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