What is Vaginal Discharge? Know all details

What is Vaginal Discharge

Know what is Vaginal Discharge and the reasons behind the wetting of the vagina and other important questions related to it.

Know what is Vaginal Discharge and the reasons behind the wetting of the vagina and other important questions related to it.

Women often get many vaginal infections. These problems can be caused by menstruation, disease etc. The vagina is a kind of mucous membrane. The skin and tissue of a healthy vagina are always wet. There are many reasons behind their wetting and it depends on how much fluid your vagina produces. Its wetting can also be caused by sex. 

What happens when the Vagina is wet?

Normally the vagina is wet when the woman is sexually stimulated, and the blood flowing from the genitals increases. Also, the vulva and clitoris (clitoris) swell and the vagina itself acts as a lubricant. This lubrication means vaginal wetting makes sex easier. That is, it is sex-enjoyable and fun.

There is another type of wetting also known as vaginal discharge. It can happen anytime without sexual stimulation. This normal discharge may be thick, white in color, sticky or clear. This discharge of the vagina is normal and healthy and it is a way for the vagina to cleanse itself naturally.

Why does the vagina always feel wet?

The quantity and quality of lubrication done by the vagina are different for every woman. But, if you feel that this discharge is having a bad effect on you, then you should know the reasons for this and also know what to do in this situation.

Vaginal discharge increases in many situations, such as:

In the event of infection, the quantity and quality of the discharge increases. Due to which it smells dirty and the discharge may be white. Along with this, it can cause abdominal pain, rash.

If the discharge is too high during sex, then it can cause many problems during wet sex, such as:

  • Discomfort during sex – This wet sex can be uncomfortable if the vagina is excessively wet during sex.
  • Penis or sex toy have a weak grip during penetrations

Other than infection, other reasons for Vaginal discharge can be:

  • Weakness in the pelvic area.
  • Uterine fibroids and development.
  • Fistulas – Sometimes an abnormal connecting pathway can form between the bladder and the vagina and can cause a vaginal leak. This also gives a feeling of constant wetting.
  • Pelvic congestion – This is a condition where there is swelling in the blood vessels of this place.
  • Hormones

Is Vaginal discharge normal?

Vaginal discharge is caused by the effect of the female hormone, estrogen, by the skin cells of the vagina and cervix. Women who have normal menopause have minimal vaginal discharge due to low levels of estrogen. Women who have premenopausal menopause may have an almost normal amount of white, thick, mucus-like and mostly odourless vaginal discharge every day. However, the amount of this discharge can be different for every woman. This discharge may also vary at different times during the menstrual cycle. In some situations, more attention should be paid to it, such as the use of pregnancy, birth control pills, patches, etc., in the week before menstruation.

Usually, this discharge includes vaginal skin cells, bacteria, mucus. A normal discharge often has a mild odour and may cause mild vaginal irritation.

Factors affecting vaginal discharge


Vaginal discharge during menstruation varies. If you are not using any type of hormones, then this discharge is thinner and more in the middle of the menstrual cycle. Because this is the ovulation period the discharge becomes thick before menstruation.

Sexual activity

Most women experience an excess of vaginal discharge after sex, ie wet sex and a change in smell. Especially if these physical relationships were made without the use of condoms. In this case, this vaginal discharge may remain for several days. Semen can cause changes in vaginal pH. Along with this, it can also change the smell. Vaginal discharge may also increase due to the quantity of semen.

Hormones or Medications

Some medicines and hormones can also increase vaginal discharge such as birth control pill etc.

Other things

If something is left inside the vagina for a long time, it can also affect the discharge or volume of the vagina. Women who forget to take out their tampons may often experience an excessive amount of discharge and filthy odour. Intrauterine devices (IUDs) can change the stability and volume of your vaginal fluid. Progesterone-containing IUDs such as Mirena or Liletta often produce thick amounts, changes in odour, and pH shifts. This can cause bacterial vaginitis. But it is safe and can be used as a contraceptive for a long time.

What is Vaginal hygiene?

Vaginal hygiene is very important, but the use of fragrant soaps or other things, continuous touching, etc. can be harmful to the vagina. There are many types of natural bacteria, which live in the vagina. In such a situation, an infection can be spread with the use of such things. Therefore, if you are feeling excessive vaginal discharge, which is affecting your daily life or you are having trouble in sex, seek medical advice immediately.

How to keep your vagina healthy?

You can use the following methods to keep your vagina healthy:

Be responsible

To keep your vagina healthy and if you do not want to have a sexually transmitted infection, then you should keep your relationship with your partner normal. Use a condom. Take care of cleanliness. If you use a sex toy, then clean it thoroughly after use.

The vaccine

You can avoid the use of the vaccine from Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), which is associated with cervical cancer and hepatitis B. It is a serious liver infection that can be spread by sexual relations.

Kegel exercise

Doing kegel exercises strengthens the pelvic muscles. If you have problems like prolapse, urine leakage and weakness in the pelvic area, then this exercise will benefit you.

Take care of your medicines

If you are taking any medicine check if they have any side effect on your vagina. Get to know about this from your doctor.

Don’t smoke

If you smoke or drink alcohol, avoid it. Excess intake of these affects sexual function.

Nutrient and Fluid intake

Your diet also plays a major role in keeping your vagina healthy. Therefore, eat the right diet and drink plenty of water and other fluids.

Not all vaginal problems can be prevented. However, regular checkups should diagnose problems affecting your vagina and vaginal discharge. Along with this, treatment will also be done in the right way and time. Don’t be shy to talk to your doctor about your vaginal health.

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