Sugars + Inflammation

Bad Information in the Body

There is a lot of evidence that suggests eating an excessive amount of sugar and too many refined carbohydrates causes inflammation in the body. Inflammation brought on by eating habits could lead to big health problems: heart problems and cancer as well as more regular lifestyle health problems such as obesity, insulin resistance and increased gut permeability (which leads to food sensitivity).

What Does This Actually Mean?

A lot more Wrinkles: It means you age faster. Increased sugars are linked with raised AGEs (advanced glycation end products), which are harmful compounds that result in internal stress and inflammation—and connected to aging.

Muffin Top: Too much sugar in your strategy is tightly linked with inflammation caused by a lot of insulin, causing insulin resistance plus weight gain especially in the midsection.

Gas/Bloating/Digestive Upset: Inflammation from foods flaring the immune system because it is not completely digested and causes digestive problems. Not fun.

So what can You Do?

There are many things you can do. Exercise is a biggie. Alter your diet is huge, dropping overall sugar, especially from processed sugars originating from processed foods, drinks and something refined.

Begin Small + Make Big Changes

What is ONE thing you can alter to get rid of sugar in your daily practices?

Try This:

  • Change body fat free coffee creamer (filled along with sugar) to ½ and ½
  • Watch your salad dressings; choose a basic vinaigrette
  • Check your chocolate habit
  • Add an apple and peanut butter at 3pm so at 4pm you don’t eat anything sophisticated
  • Add a hard-boiled ovum at 10am so you can choose wisely from lunch
  • Eat breakfast every day, which stops the late-night nick and sugar cravings
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