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What is Egg Diet for Weight Loss

Egg Diet for Weight Loss

Egg diet for weight loss is a diet plan which is low calorie, low-carb, and high protein diet aiming to lose weight. As per the name, eggs are the main constituent of this diet and a key source of proteins. 

There are variations of this diet plan in which a person has to eat only eggs. In this article, we will learn if an egg diet for weight loss is effective and healthy.

Egg Diet Plan 

As stated above, this diet plan is based on high protein and low carbs and calories for the daily recommended diet. This diet plan also has some variation, but the main focus remains on the egg for its main source of proteins.

Things that are allowed in this diet plan are

  • eggs – that can be boiled, scrambled or poached.
  • water and beverages with zero calories.

Some other ingredients are also permissible, but these depend on which version of this diet plan you follow. The calorie-count and servings are dependent on a person’s height, sex and lifestyle.

The egg diet plan for weight loss does not allow the consumption of the following:

  • Foods that contain high sugar like sweets
  • potatoes, rice and other carb-rich foods
  • Oil and butter

Types of Egg Diet for Weight Loss

The egg diet for weight loss mainly has three versions. These are described below

egg diet plan for weight loss

Traditional Egg Diet

This is the most common version of this diet plan. In this form, it is permissible to get proteins from other sources as well. This is comparable to other diet plans based on high protein intake. 

Apart from eggs, this version allows the consumption of low carb vegetables like broccoli, kale, and spinach. 1 to 2 servings of fruits and leans proteins.

This diet plan avoids eating high carb foods like rice, bread, etc.

A simple example of this meal plan can be as follows:

Breakfast can include a low carb vegetable with two eggs. Take some lean protein and salad for lunch and then egg or lean protein with low carb vegetables for dinner.

Egg and grapefruit diet plan

This diet plan is also based on low carb and high protein consumption, but it also includes eating grapefruit with each meal.

The daily meal plan with diet can be as follows:

Breakfast can include two eggs with half grapefruit. Lean protein with spinach and half grapefruit in lunch and then again lean protein from egg or fish with half grapefruit for lunch.

Extreme Egg Diet plan

This is a restrictive and difficult plan as it allows only eggs and water to be consumed during meals. This is also difficult to be followed for a longer time. As it includes only eggs, it misses out on other important nutrients that are required by the body. So many people are of the view that this diet plan is not safe to follow.

Is the Egg Diet Plan effective for Weight Loss?

It is said that if we follow an egg diet plan for weight loss, it can lead to constipation. The reason behind this claim is that eggs do not contain any fiber content. It is still a topic of research to see how safe and effective. We will need to find out the impact of eating eggs on overall weight loss to know its effectiveness.

As this diet is a low calorie and low carb diet plan, it can lead to some weight loss. However, this can be only short term.  

Some studies done in 2015, show that this diet can be helpful to prevent diseases like type 2 diabetes, obesity, and some cardiovascular problems also.

Scientists also point out that a protein diet makes a person keep full for a longer time and thus they do not overeat. Thus a person can lose weight by following this diet plan.

Though eggs contain many important nutrients and minerals, this diet cannot be recommended for a longer time. Since this is a restrictive diet, people may find it hard to follow. People can also put on weight once they stop this diet.

Eggs are the main source of protein in this diet plan and they are healthy only if eaten in balance. Eating only eggs can lead to certain median problems.


Egg Diet for Weight loss can be followed for some time, but eggs should not be the sole diet component. Initially, you may see some weight loss, but since this is not a balanced diet, you should not follow it for a long time. 

Once you return to your original diet, you are most likely to put on weight again. Being a restrictive and high protein diet, it may lead to medical problems also. This diet plan should be followed only with a discussion with your doctor who knows well about your health and medical history.

if losing weight is your only goal, there are many other diet plans available that you can choose to follow and maintain a healthy lifestyle for a long time.

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