Struggling with the following?

  • Bad eating habits?
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle?
  • Over Weight?
  • Poor Diet?
  • No energy?
  • Always sick?
Keto Low Carb

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Get back on track on today!

We are all aware of how unhealthy eating habits can sabotage our attempts to lose weight, but knowing how to close the door on them can be another matter!

How many times have you promised yourself that “you will be good” and that this time you are going to stick to your diet no matter what?  Before you know it, you have fallen off your diet and back to square one!

The reality is until you are able to free yourself of your unwanted eating or drinking habits it is almost impossible to get to the weight you want to be, let alone maintain it!  

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We provide the NO BS approach to losing Weight

Prevent hunger pangs and sugar cravings

The more healthy fats and less Carbs you eat then the less hungry you feel.

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I am amazed at what i have learnt from Diet for Weight Loss. I have restarted my diet and fully on the way to hitting my weight goals.


Sally M



I have been following the diet for weightloss site for a few months, this enabled me to figure out that a Keto Diet would be the best option for me, and for multiple reasons, including working around my employment hours and some of my food intolerances. A meal plan is also provided, which helps to plan your meals. The team provide really helpful hints via the notifcations / messenger regarding food, such add more oil and good fats to your breakfast, perfect for Keto. I now feel motivated, healthier and have finally managed to lose weight.


Mrs H Stepney


My Awesome Headline

your health coach

Hi i’m Taff. Aged 52. A Dive instructor and Nutrition Coach. I lost 25kg myself a few years ago and understand the challenges of losing Weight and keeping it off. As you get older your Metabolism slows so you need to concentrate more on your Diet. I’m here to help you achieve your Weight Loss and Health Goals.


ISSA Nutrition Coach

Diet for Weight Loss Ltd is a Weight Loss Consultancy dedicated to assisting people with their Weight Loss Goals.

We provide Nutrition Diet Plans and advice on Health & Weight Loss.

Tel: +442032894219

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