So What Is BistroMD?

It’s actually a straightforward weight loss program that delivers delicious chef-made meals to your front door. Meal meal is designed to boost your metabolism and help shed pounds. Developed by Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D, a physician with more than 20 years of experience helping patients achieve and maintain weight loss. Unlike other diets, BistroMD promotes a basic healthy understanding of food combinations rather than counting calories or “points”.

How Does It Work?

You need to select a program that suits your lifestyle – factors include your gender and any medical conditions. Once this is done a dietician will customize your meal plan depending on a variety of factors such as lifestyle and weight loss goals. You’re also encouraged to ask your dietician nutritional questions throughout your weight loss journey.

All in all, BistroMD is great for anyone who’d like a weight loss program but is time poor. With over 150 meals to choose from, the variety of meals is fantastic along with the fact diabetes patients (and those with other health concerns) will value unlimited contact with a dietician.

Given my age, I personally found BistroMD a great eating plan for women approaching menopause. My metabolism is not what it was, but losing weight was easier with the pre-made meals. Better yet, it actually worked. Finally, exercise is encouraged. I found the BistroMD fitness expert a great source of support with tips and advice on how to create an effective fitness program. The accompanying tools like webinars and newsletters were equally as useful. Not only did I learn a lot, I always felt inspired to press onwards on my journey.

What Does Everyday Living Look Like?

My favorite thing about BistroMD is the fact I don’t need to spend hours slaving over cooker or searching for obscure ingredients in the supermarket. The frozen meals are genuinely delicious and take less than 5 minutes to heat. Simple, easy and tasty.

At the beginning of my BistroMD journey I thought I’d struggle with temptation so I ordered meals for all seven days. To my surprise, I didn’t feel hungry or restricted. In fact, I was really satisfied. For breakfast I enjoyed bagels, cheese with cabbage slaw or chipotle pineapple smoked pork tacos (a personal favorite in our household!). For lunch I sometimes opted for sloppy joes with cabbage slow or blackened tilapia with red pepper coulis. When dinner came around I always looked forward to hickory smoked barbecue beef with yukon gold potatoes. I also loved the sweet treats including none other than cheesecake or gelato!

In my first week on BistroMD I lost three pounds. In my second week I lost another two pounds. As the weeks rolled by I felt lighter, my cravings were gone and after one month I was 11 pounds lighter.

So is it sustainable? In my experience, it definitely is. I now feel like I can finally master how to eat properly without restricting, bingeing or going back to quick-fix fads. One of the most important things I learned is how to portion properly so I don’t overeat.

With fitness coaches, webinars, newsletters and a great customer service team – it’s hard not to appreciate the incredible amount of support available. That being said, my favorite thing (outside of the meals) is definitely the community on the BistroMD Facebook page. Being accountable and encouraged with others on the same journey as myself is invaluable.

How Much Does it Cost?

Firstly, it’s a flexible plan you can cancel or suspend at any time. However there’s a weekly deadline to remember when changing your menu or cancelling your plan. Plus there’s no long-term contract, so you can end your financial commitment whenever suits.

BistroMD also comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you have a problem with any meals, they’ll either refund the cost or resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

The plans cost anything from $119.95 a week (5 days of lunch and dinner) to $179.95 a week (7 days with all meals, including snacks). The first week is 25% off, (so between $89.96 and $134.96) and you can also redeem a 5% off coupon code on the website.

The Final Word

As someone who has struggled to lose weight for many years, I understand how daunting it is to pick “the right” eating plan. However, now I’ve tried BistroMD, shed the pounds (over 11!) and have maintained my goal weight – I couldn’t recommend it enough.

BistroMD is a solid scientifically proven weight loss program with hundreds of great reviews, personalized dietician approved meal plans and a chef-prepared menu. It is a great solution for someone ready to lose weight without the hassle of cooking or shopping. Finally, I have to say – the customer service is incredible – as is the online support. I can’t recommend it enough for long-term health and weight loss success.

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