Best weight loss tips – I follow them every day

best weight loss tips

Weight loss cannot be a one time process. You follow some good diet plan, get a good nutritionist or a diet planner to plan your daily diet, and lose substantial weight. But, what happens after you stop the process? Weight comes back with more power. So, if you want to keep your weight loss permanent and stay healthy follow the best weight loss tips. I follow them every day. 

1- Drink water with apple cider vinegar.

water fasting for weight loss

Get the benefits of apple cider vinegar to lose weight. It is good to drink water before meals.

When you drink water with apple cider vinegar one hour before meal it acts in two ways.

One, it keeps your stomach filled and so you do not have the extreme hunger crunch.

Two, it stops your insulin levels to jump. As you know insulin is the fat hormone. The more frequently it jumps the more your cells get resistant to it.

One tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with one glass of normal water can do the magic.

2- Eggs for weight loss

Egg Diet for Weight Loss

If you ask any good diet planner for the top ten best weight loss tips then you will find eggs in that list. 

You should eat eggs regularly if you are not a vegan or vegetarian. Although, now a days some vegetarians do not consider egg as a non-veg product.

The maximum number of eggs that you can eat daily is 4. Above that, you are inviting too much of cholesterol in your body.

2 eggs on an average are the best policy to follow.

Let me explain why eggs are good for weight loss.  There are certain benefits that you should know before you include eggs in your diet plan.

The egg is a great source of protein. It is also a good source of healthy fat.  Now we all know healthy fat and protein are the least glycemic food.

Eggs are full of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Eggs contain some nutrients that you will usually not find in other food items. Especially vegetables.

3- Coffee – My favorite best tip for weight loss

coffee is good

Coffee is good and bad equally for your health. If consumed in the right quantity it is good. If consumed over the set limits it is bad.

Let’s get to the point. Coffee helps in improving metabolism. With coffee, you can improve your metabolism and energy levels.

If the metabolism improves the calorie-burning process becomes more efficient. And a better and efficient calorie-burning capacity keeps your weight at bay.

But, not all types of coffees are good. Coffee with milk, cream, etc is not good for weight loss. The only type of coffee that can help you improve your metabolism is black coffee. 

Yes, you can add artificial sweeteners to your black coffee. 

If you are on a keto diet then coconut milk is the best option that you can add to your black coffee. 

4- No sugar is the thumb rule for sustained weight 

We all know that sugar is useless. It has no nutrients, no minerals, and nothing that can benefit our body. But, still, we all carve for it. 

We all are tuned and trained from childhood to get our energy from glucose. Sugar is glucose. So why will not the body carve for it? 

But, if you ask me one single best tip for weight loss then this is the best tip. Keep away from sugar. 

There is no alternative to this sacrifice. If you are worried about your health then sugar is a no-go zone. Anyhow, if you have some ailments that lead to hypoglycemia then sugar can save your life. 

5- Carbs are glucose – Don’t think they are different. 

Carbohydrates when consumed convert to glucose instantly. They are cheap, tasty and everywhere. They are the backbone of any fast-food chain.

But, don’t think carbs and glucose are different. They are different in composition, name and structure but at the end of the day, as soon as consumed carbs change to glucose.

Carbohydrates are useless macronutrients. So if you stop eating carbs or lower the intake your body will only thank you. 

You can prepare many low carbohydrate recipes by small changes in your regular recipes.

6- Green, raw vegetables are the best friends

We all hated green, leafy vegetables when we were children. But, less did we know that they are true friends. 

Firstly, green vegetables are zero carbs, zero fat, and full of nutrients. Iron, potassium phosphorus, calcium, etc are some of the essential nutrients that you get from vegetables. 

7- Fruits are not good

You heard it right. Many people seldom switch to a fruit-based diet plan. 

But, while doing so they forget that fruits are full of fructose. Fructose is not detected in your glucose test but they are also a type of sugar. 

The bad thing about fructose is that it is easily stored in the liver. And thus when you go on fasting to keep your weight in control, the same stored fructose is released in your bloodstream as glucose. So avoid fruits. 

You can take fruits once a week but not more than 250 grams in the entire day. 

8  Walking

If you are planning to lose weight or you have lost some weight and do not want it to increase, then you should walk. 

Walking is the cheapest and best aerobics that you can do anywhere and anytime. 

How much should you walk to keep your weight on the lower side? 

There are no certain criteria for that. It depends on various factors like your age, core strength, time, present weight, etc. But, as per my experience, a minimum of 5-6 km per hour should be the least that you should maintain. 

9- Weight lifting and floor exercise

Do you know muscles help in many different ways to control weight gain for fat gain? If no then here is the explanation. 

In your body carbs change to glucose when you eat them. These carbs then convert into glucose and some quantity is converted to glycogen and stored in the liver and muscles. 

The rest of the glucose that remains is stored as fat and used later. 

And when you improve your muscle tone the same muscles consume calories and burn the glycogen that is stored in them. The best part is that muscles consume little energy when you exercise. But, they keep consuming energy many hours after you stop exercising. \

With aerobic exercises, you consume energy until you work out. But, with muscle toning and muscle building exercises you consume energy even after you have stopped exercising. 

10 Last of the best weight loss tips – and it is important

Out of all the tips, these tips always come in the end but are equally important. And the tip is to challenge your body. 

Walk more often, exercise more, and use stairs. Keeping an active physical life is important to keep away those extra calories from accumulating in your body. 

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